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Basic Board: $385

Basic Board Includes:

·Stall W/ paddock

Individual Options:


  • Feeding 2x/Day: $200

  • Meal Throw in: 1x/Day-$20; 2x/Day-$40

  • Stall Cleaning Monday-Saturday

  1. Cleaning only : $125​

  2. Cleaning and shavings : $225

  3. Individual daily stall cleaning fee $10/day

  • Daily Turn out (half-day): $35

  • ​Summer stall fan/night stall light use fee: $35 ea, per stall

  • Additional evening fee : half flake $30/mo, full flake $60/mo

*Turn out priority is given to those with Full Board

**All prices above are a monthly rate.

***Subject to change without notice

****Limited number of fans/lights available

Boarding Prices & Services 

Full Board: $750


Full Board Includes:

·Stall w/ paddock

·Stall Cleaning Monday-Saturday (with shavings)

·Daily Turn-Out (half-day)

·Feeding 2x/day (additional

evening feeding available with fee)


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