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Meet Our Horses


We take pride in the quality of our lesson horses. Most of our horses are retired show horses and have extensive training. Each horse was hand selected for our program, and we work hard to make sure each student is matched with the right horse. For more pictures, please click their names.

HF Professor, or Professor for short, is an 19 year old Arabian gelding. Out of all our current lesson horses, Professor has been in our program the longest. He's one of our prized beginner lesson horses. Professor was shown for several years before coming to Ranchotel.

Impulsive, a.k.a. Ace, is one of our newest Ranchotel lesson horses. Ace is an 13 year old Thoroughbred and is one of our intermediate/advanced level horses. If your interested in learning beginner hunter he is the horse for you. 

Cinder Star Ella, a.k.a. Cinderella, is an 18 year old Quarter Horse mare. She was shown for 11 years and was High Point Champion at the California State Fair (Best of Youth). She is one of most versatile lesson horses. She is quiet enough to take a beginner around the arena, but has the training and talent to take an advanced student to the upper tiers of the show ring.

Dewey is a 19 year old Quarter Horse Paint gelding. Dewey is one of our advanced beginner/intermediate horses. Before coming to Ranchotel, he was shown for several years at the California State Fair in Gymkhana, English Pleasure, and Western Pleasure.

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