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Welcome to the LVR Adventure Camp

           The Lagoon Valley Rescue Adventure Camp is a youth summer camp host at the Ranchotel Horse Center. This camp is a 5-day day camp that starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm. Students will learn a variety of skills including how to build a campfire with flint and steel, how to shoot a bow and arrows, and basic rock climbing techniques. Student will also spend the afternoons in the pool learning to swim with a life vest, how to properly end and exit a rubber raft, and how to paddle in a rubber boat. We spend the day teaching the students how to navigate our obstacle course and how to rappel off our rappelling tower. On Thursdays we take the students in the students to Lake Solano for an afternoon of boating. Fridays the students showcase what they have learned throughout the week in a team competition which invite all the parents to come watch. For more information and picture of previous camps please check out our                     


16' Ramp
Belly Buster Original
Climbing Wall