Here at the Ranchotel we strive to provide quality care for your horses. We look at every aspect of our care service and take time to make sure that it is not only the best quality, but that it is affordable too. We offer both a package deal which includes all of our services, and each service individually so that each horse and owners' specific needs are met. 


Horses are housed in one of our three barns. Every boarder has a small tack locker located just outside of each stall, a large tack locker, and receives a plaque of their horse's name to hang on their stall. For those boarders planning on feeding their own horse, a feed locker will be provided.


Boarders have full access to:

Indoor Lighted Arena

Outdoor Lighted Jumping Arena

Outdoor Arena

Round Pen

Turn Outs*

Trail Course Area

Wash Rack


*Subject to Availability


Please follow the links below to see pictures and more information about each barn. To see pictures of the listed amenities please see the slide show below.


Ranchotel Horse Center

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